This town is the center of tourism for northern Tanzania and is situated in the foothills of rugged Mount Meru. Named after a tribe of Meru, the Wa-meru it is located on the Great North Road midway between Cairo and Cape Town.

There is also a sub-tribe of the Maasai, the Wa-Arusha, also located on the Great North Road midway. Makonde carvings, Tanzanite experience and other souvenirs are available in the numerous craft shops at the center of town. 

Walking around the Arusha market, located down the road from the clock tower, is an interesting way to spend a few hours consider visiting a school or clinic to better experience the local culture

Extra Activities To Take During Safari

While many people will pass through Tanzania’s safari capital unaware of all it has to offer, the city certainly does offer up a little something for everybody.

Mount Meru
Arusha sits at the foot of Mount Meru, the confident and handsome brother to often shy Kilimanjaro. If climbing Kilimanjaro is your goal, Mount Meru is often recommended as a good training hike – and offers an amazing view of both the city and Kilimanjaro to those who make it to the top.

Coffee Tour
There are many places in Tanzania where it is possible to do a Coffee Tour and get a taste of local life. We recommend embarking on a half day small-group coffee and community tour, in Tengeru Village, which is a 20 minute drive East of Arusha.  After discovering what life is like in a traditional Tanzanian coffee-producing village, walk around a coffee plantation to see coffee and other crops farmed before enjoying a lunch of tasty specialties at a local family home.  Finally, master the art of roasting and grinding coffee and then sample a cup of your very own coffee.

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