Known as the safari capital of the world, Kenya is a country synonymous with the safari

With decades worth of travellers having been to the country to witness the legendary Great Migration or chase the Big Five, Kenya is the perfect mix of first world tourism infrastructure and Africa’s exotic charms.

With some of its parks located mere hours from Nairobi International Airport, Kenya is a great country for a day safari or a lengthier, multi-park tour. Headlined by the world renowned Masai Mara National Park, Kenya is a safari destination with a startling array of terrains and climates to be explored.

In addition to the opportunity to see some of Africa most iconic animals in their natural habitat, Kenya also offers visitors the chance to go on a cultural safaris. The more adventurous may even wish to tackle the steep slopes of Mount Kenya, Africa second highest mountain.

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Discover Kenya Iconic Destinations

Lewa Conservancy

Lewa Conservancy, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was founded in 1996 to protect endangered rhino populations from poachers. Today, rhinos make up 13% of all wildlife within the conservancy. This award-winning model community conservation isn’t only a black rhino stronghold; it’s also home to the Big Five and a range of luxurious safari opportunities.

Lewa Downs has been an exclusive safari destination for ages and coincidentally happens to be where the British Prince Willian proposed to Kate Middleton in 2010. The main drawcard for Lewa? The freedom to pursue a range of safari activities in a secluded environment. Lodges within the area also offer horseback safaris and excursions on camelback.

Maasai Mara Game Reserve

The Masai Mara National Reserve is one of Kenya’s most iconic destinations and lies within the Great Rift Valley. Regarded as the jewel of Kenya’s wildlife viewing areas, most visitors make their way to the western parts of the reserve as this is where the most significant concentration of animals reside. More than 1.5 million animals arrive in the reserve in July and depart in November, an event known across the world as the annual wildebeest migration.

Nowhere in Africa is wildlife more abundant than in the Masai Mara. The Mara is renowned as one of the finest wildlife destinations on earth, with ample opportunities to spot the Big Five along with a range of other wildlife.

The reserve covers an area of 1,510 square kilometres and encompasses breath-taking vistas, abundant wildlife, and endless plains or rolling grassland. As a photography paradise, the reserve is abundant in big game, including giraffe, lion, elephant, hippos, and crocodiles.

Samburu National Reserve

For a more of an off-the-beaten-path Kenyan experience, Samburu is an excellent option that offers a wide variety of creature comforts. Offering unique experiences and game viewing opportunities, the Samburu National Reserve is considered a gem among discerning safari goers due to the fact that it’s relatively uncrowded.

Home to some of the most spectacular accommodation in all of Kenya, the reserve is well known for its rocky outcrops and unusual combination of Samburu and Arabian influences. In many ways, this reserve is the embodiment of the African dream.

The Ewaso Nyiro River nurtures the reserve, and although the terrain is rugged, it is also inciting and enveloped in a remote Old Africa ambiance. With Samburu’s people that are elegantly proud and unfailingly friendly, you’ll experience why a Kenyan safari might be centred around seeing African animals, but the fondest memories you’ll have will be of its people.

Amboseli National Park

Just 240 kilometers southeast of Nairobi lies the Amboseli National Park, an area best known for its vast herds of elephants. This scenic park is synonymous with big-tusked inhabitants and glorious views of Mount Kilimanjaro, located in neighboring Tanzania.

After the Masai Mara, Amboseli is Kenya’s second most famous national park and was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1991. The park provides some of the most iconic and majestic views of the highest free-standing mountain and is arguably one of the most photographed wildlife areas in the world. With a superb selection of luxury lodges within Amboseli, visitors have the option to explore the area on game drives, horseback safaris, and guided bush walks.

Chyulu Hills

The verdant rolling hills of great blue skies and breath-taking landscape views create a paradise for nature lovers in the Chyulu Hills. This hidden part of paradise is also home to the Chyulu Hills National Park, one of Kenya’s least visited parks. Here, in an area dominated by extinct volcanoes, the line of pretty green hills raises high above the arid plains between Amboseli and Tsavo.

One of the park’s main attractions is Leviathan, one of the world’s longest lava tubes, set among striking and diverse landscapes. This rugged wilderness still shoes in the park’s volcanic origins. But in addition to the stunning landscapes, the park is also home to a wide variety of game, including elephants, antelope, buffalo, leopard, zebra, and wildebeest.

Meru National Park

Made famous by Joy Adamson’s series of “Born Free” books, Meru National Park is, for the most part, still largely undiscovered and untamed. Thanks to its rugged jungle, swamps, rivers, and grasslands, this park offers unrivalled game viewing opportunities.

Few places on earth can be compared to the remote and wild atmosphere that lingers in the air at Meru. By Kenyan standards, the park is small, but it is home to an astonishingly diverse collection of wildlife. Bisected by 13 rivers, Meru is a green paradise compared to the savannah most of Kenya’s other parks are known for. From woodlands to wide open plains, meandering riverbanks, and landscapes dotted with volcanic soil deposits, this park is exceptionally beautiful and perfect for safari-goers that want to get off the beaten path.


Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city, happens to be one of Africa’s most influential cities and is a significant financial and commercial hub. Overflowing with unique attractions from bustling markets to impressive historical sites, Nairobi should be the first stop on any travel itinerary for Kenya.

In the local Maasai language, Nairobi translates to “place of cool waters,” and it’s a city renowned for its leafy streets and parks. This modern city is home to towering skyscrapers and grand architecture, but it’s also the gateway to exploring all the wild wonders of Kenya.

Starting your Kenyan journey in East Africa’s youngest yet most modern and fastest-growing city provides you with the perfect opportunity to explore the Maasai land that begins with Nairobi National Park.

Lake Nakuru & Naivasha

Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha also form part of the Great Rift Lakes of Kenya and are within easy reach of the country’s capital city. Each offers distinctive safari experiences, and these lakes cannot be passed by.

Nakuru is a soda lake renowned for its massive flocks of flamingo that turn the lake pink. It is said to be the greatest bird spectacle in the world. But aside from the flamingo, Nakuru is also a haven for black and white rhino along the lake’s grassy floodplains and within the thick acacia woodlands of the lake’s southern reaches.

Naivasha is an ancient freshwater lake set at 1,890 meters above sea level, the highest water body in the Great Rift Lakes system. The lake’s outlet, Njorwa Gorge, is also where guests gain entry to the Hell’s Gate National Park, renowned for its rock formations and abundance of fauna and flora.

Coastal Kenya

Kenya is the perfect “beach and bush” destination and offers not only the best safari destinations but also East Africa’s most breathtaking tropical beaches. With accommodation ranging from rustic to lavish, exclusive luxury, the Kenyan Coast is the perfect way to end off a blissful safari experience.

Resembling postcard images of uninterrupted stretches of white sandy beaches framed by towering palms and warm, inviting turquoise waters, Coastal Kenya is the perfect snorkeling and diving destination.

Mombasa is the hub of Kenya’s coast and East Africa’s busiest port. For a more secluded option, there’s Watamu Beach, the first main resort to the north of Mombasa. This scenic coastal destination is also home to an ancient ruin, Gedi, which tourists can explore.

Further north of Watamu, you’ll find the pretty and popular town of Malindi. Here, you can pick and choose between the variety of stunning beach hotels and lodges around Vasco da Gama Point.
The exotic archipelago of Lamu comprises a series of alluring islands. Slow and unhurried, life here is influenced by ancient Arab and African cultures, and old traditions are still very evident. Remote. Rustic. And with almost no cars or roads, Lamu offers a tranquil escape opportunity.

Lastly, there’s Diana Beach, which is considered Kenya’s best beach. The palm-fringed shores give way to a magical world of coral reefs and sandbars best explored via glass-bottomed boats. Home to the lion’s share of eateries, bars, and things to do, Diana is an excellent destination if you’re looking to experience what life on Kenya’s coast is all about.

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