Olerai Lodge

Set amidst an acacia grove and against the backdrop of stunning Mount Meru, Olerai Lodge exists in harmony with the immense beauty of Tanzania. Once a private residence built between the vibrant green of the wilderness and the quaint charm of local farms, the property has since been transformed into an oasis for traveling guests. Great care has been taken to ensure that the improvements and extensions are in keeping not only with the property’s original colonial aesthetic, but also to conserve the surrounding wilderness. Here, you’ll experience the delicious fusion of African and European style. Guests will begin their safari immediately after check-in, with a variety of wildlife including monkeys, porcupines, and honey badgers calling the surrounding grasslands home. Birders are also in for a real treat, as the variety of birds in the area is stunning. Whether lounging by the pool or wandering one of the various nature trails, you’ll feel very much at the heart of Africa.

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