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Explore Tanzania’s wildlife and culture. Our safari experiences are diverse and will instil long-lasting memories in your life.

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100% Guaranteed Group Joining Safari & Kilimanjaro Expeditions

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Explore the natural wonders of Tanzania with confidence through our guaranteed group departure safaris to the country’s renowned national parks and the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. Join fellow adventurers on unforgettable journeys where you can immerse yourself in the rich wildlife and awe-inspiring landscapes that make Tanzania a top destination for safari and mountain enthusiasts.

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Tarangire National Park

Ngorongoro Conservation Area


Arusha National Park

Real-Time Availability for Kilimanjaro Group Joining Safaris: Summit the "Roof of Africa"

Discover the allure of Kilimanjaro through our group joining safaris, with real-time availability updates, allowing you to plan your ascent with confidence and embark on this iconic journey to Africa’s rooftop.

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Fahari Safari Accommodation


We have partnered with superior-rated suppliers who offer the highest quality level of services. We select lodging based on comfort, location, and the opportunity to enhance the travel experience with nature interactions on site. Accommodation is often located as close as possible to the wildlife and scenery sites to ensure that no time is lost in traveling to and from the site.

Why Fahari Safari is the best choice?

We run amazing high-quality safaris around Tanzania

Unlimited Game Drives

Each of our safaris offers unlimited game drives with no mileage or fuel restrictions and exclusive access to the most secluded and wildlife abundant areas in Tanzania. If you feel adventurous, we'll pack picnics and remain out on safari all day!

On-Tour Support

Open and convenient communication We stay connected even after you head for the remote wilderness areas of the national parks. Throughout the tour we will have your back and promptly attend to arising requests and issues.

Responsible Travel

Lasting social and environmental impact Fahari Safari takes an active part in social and conservation initiatives. We are also an honest taxpayer. Earnings from our tours in the sites of national heritage return to the budget of Tanzania to be reinvested in the nation's welfare.

100% Tailor-Made Safari

We are an owner-run boutique company with an international team. We are committed to creating a unique experience which meets your needs and exceeds your expectations and dreams. All our safari itineraries are uniquely crafted and tailored to the specific month of travel to facilitate the most optimal game viewing conditions but you will be able to completely customize your own private safari based on your travel style, preferences and interests. We offer all- inclusive safaris that will take you deep into the isolated wilderness where packaged tour companies don't go.

Local Presence

Our team is permanently based in Tanzania. You can fully rely on our extensive expertise in the service and logistics of safari tours in the national parks. Unlike most safari companies, we are a local Tanzanian based operator. You’ll be able to directly communicate with our team on the ground. No agents and no outsourcing your safari. We thoroughly regulate the high quality and standards of our services so that we are able to deliver the safari experience of a lifetime.

Exceptional Guides

We only work with the most experienced, professional and passionate guides who have been taking guests on safaris for at least 10 years. Your safari experience is highly dependent on your guide’s skills, passion, hard work and competency, and we will ensure that you receive the finest safari experience. Our eagle-eyed guides are all Tanzania specialists and each one knows in detail the best wildlife viewing areas, secret spots off the beaten path, migratory animal movements and their behavior. And they like to have a lot of fun doing it!

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